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Christian NiedermüllerChristian Niedermüller

Christian has spent over 16 years in banking and traditional finance, occupying very challenging roles, before making the full-time shift into the DLT/Blockchain and digital asset universe. Having been deeply involved for more than 8 years, he is a co-founder and board member of the Digital Asset Association Austria (DAAA) and has co-founded two companies in the digital asset space: SMAPE Capital and DAIC Capital. In addition to his professional endeavors, he is also a serial pre-seed/seed VC investor, focusing on both equity and token investments, as well as a passionate footballer and skier.


👨‍💻 Work experience

  • CEO at Blocktrade
  • Co-Founder at SMAPE Capital
  • Co-Founder at DAIC
  • Board Member at DAAA
  • VC serial investor (equity & token)
  • 16+ years banking/financial markets experience
  • 8+ years digital asset experience

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