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Non-Custodial Staking & Web3 Infrastructure

Stake your cryptocurrencies and earn staking rewards while securing the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem. DAIC is a non-custodial staking and Web3 infrastructure provider, investor and researcher.

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Coinage x DAIC Staking Validators

Coinage x DAIC is a trusted community validator, setting a new standard for community-driven staking solutions, ensuring a more transparent, secure, and inclusive Web3 future!

Why Stake with DAIC?

DAIC is the trusted non-custodial staking provider for more than 30,000 investors.

Low-Fee Staking

Earn a passive income from staking crypto with our low-commission community validators.

Skin In The Game

We invest in the future of digital assets and are actively supporting the networks for which we offer validators.

Staking Insurance

The DAIC insurance fund offers validator downtime slashing protection to our delegators.

DAIC Staking FAQ?

DAIC Staking Insurance Fund

The DAIC Slashing & Insurance Fund safeguards delegators against financial losses from validator downtime, compensating up to 80% of losses through a pre-funded wallet in stable currency. Our insurance policy is based on our commitment to network integrity and investor protection.