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Coinage and DAIC Partner to Pioneer Revolutionary Community Validator Staking

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NEW YORK, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a groundbreaking collaboration that marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Web3 ecosystems, Coinage, the first community-owned crypto media outlet, is partnering with DAIC, a leading Web3 infrastructure & non-custodial staking provider, to pioneer a new community validator model.

The new community validator partnership between Coinage and DAIC combines the community behind the fastest-growing brand in Web3 media with an industry-leading validator set boasting more than $350 million in staked assets under management across more than 30 chains. The newly branded “Coinage x DAIC” validators now represent the first solution for stakers looking for a trusted, decentralized option based on a community-oriented mission.

“Coinage is excited to partner with a leader like DAIC to pioneer a new way for an outlet to leverage the trust we’ve built with our Web3 community," said Coinage Host and Founder Zack Guzman. "For the first time, Coinage is unlocking a win-win that not only serves our members’ journalistic endeavors as an award-winning media brand, but also integrates DAIC’s cutting-edge staking solutions to pioneer a new era in Web3 community empowerment.”

As a leading staking provider based in Austria, DAIC has demonstrated a proven, years-long track record of successfully running blockchain infrastructure. Recognizing the paramount importance of community in the Web3 landscape, Coinage and DAIC are aligning incentives with a community-centric approach. Coinage members (NFT holders) stand to benefit from staking rewards derived from the Coinage x DAIC validator set via the Coinage DAO/Coop.

“We are excited to partner with Coinage to expand our reach far beyond the European market,” DAIC Managing Director Peter Schöllauf said. “As one of the most reputable validator companies in Europe, with our workforce and bare-metal server infrastructure based in Austria, we’re excited for the next chapter of growing our validator set to serve our community of retail and institutional clients alike.”

The Coinage x DAIC partnership will look to continue to set the standard for a staking option built on a shared mission to empower community and decentralization in Web3. DAIC had previously worked with educational crypto content creator and Coinage NFT holder Danku_r. Coinage x DAIC are committed to fostering awareness and understanding within the Web3 community. Educational initiatives will be rolled out to empower community members with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about staking and governance.

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Coinage x DAIC - Partnership Announcement
Coinage x DAIC - Partnership Announcement

About Coinage

Coinage is the fastest-growing community-owned media brand telling the whole story of crypto. Coinage members (NFT holders) are invited to unlock dividends by weighing in on governance votes, which include what we should do with production decisions, which topics to cover, and how to steer DAO funds. The outlet won a prestigious SABEW award, sharing honors with The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, for its in-depth coverage of Terra Founder Do Kwon and the largest crypto collapse to date. To learn more about how to join the co-founder of Netflix in co-owning Coinage, visit For the latest, follow Coinage on X, Instagram, and Facebook.

About DAIC

DAIC GmbH, an Austria-based Web3 infrastructure provider, is widely recognized for its community-oriented focus. Boasting a decades-long track record of running blockchain infrastructure, the technical powerhouse has attracted more than $350 million of staked assets across 35 different blockchains. Initially launched as a joint venture with content creator Danku_r, DAIC quickly emerged as a leading community validator within the crypto ecosystem. The team frequently leverages their extensive technical knowledge, creating a unique blend of educational content and community tooling. To learn more about DAIC, and to stake with Coinage x DAIC validators, visit