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We power the future of digital assets

DAIC is a Web3 infrastructure and non-custodial staking provider, and investor. We provide community validators, dashboards and practical utility applications, as well as in-depth research and educational content to an ever-increasing audience of web3 enthusiasts.

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Partnership “Coinage x DAIC”

We're beyond excited to share a game-changing partnership: DAIC has partnered with the pioneering US media platform,!

Coinage stands out as the fastest growing, community-owned media entity that has been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency narrative and has won a prestigious SABEW award, sharing honors with The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, for its in-depth coverage of Terra Founder Do Kwon and the largest crypto collapse to date.

With the new "Coinage x DAIC" validator brand we are setting a new standard for community-driven staking solutions, ensuring a more transparent, secure, and inclusive Web3 future!

Press Release

Coinage and DAIC Partner to Pioneer Revolutionary Community Validator Staking

In a groundbreaking collaboration that marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Web3 ecosystems, Coinage, the first community-owned crypto media outlet, is partnering with DAIC, a leading Web3 infrastructure & non-custodial staking provider, to pioneer a new community validator model.

Coinage and DAIC Partner to Pioneer Revolutionary Community Validator Staking

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