Stride (STRD) Staking

Stake STRD to earn staking rewards and secure the Stride network.

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Staking Stats

Reward Rate (APR)
≈ 3.21%
Reward Frequency
every block
Lockup Period
DAIC Commission
Staked with us
64.7K STRD

STRD Rewards

The staking reward for STRD is currently estimated at 3.21% per year. STRD rewards are awarded every block by the Stride network. The minimum lockup period is 14d.

STRD Staking Calculator

Staked STRD
Earnings at
3.21% APR
1.1 STRD equals $2.5
13.1 STRD equals $30.5

Stake STRD with Coinage x DAIC

Stake your STRD with Coinage x DAIC, a leading validator with a proven track record of successfully managing blockchain infrastructure over several years, has securely attracted over 31,066 unique stakers and holds more than $188.6M in total value staked across 43 chains. This impressive milestone not only demonstrates our wide-ranging expertise but also reflects the deep trust the community places in our stewardship.