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DAIC joins Allora Network

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DAIC has joined the group of node operators that help secure the Allora Network. DAIC is an Austrian-based Web3 infrastructure provider that is widely recognized for its community-oriented focus. The company runs bare metal Web3 infrastructure meeting enterprise-grade standards. DAIC's bare-metal infrastructure is hosted in multiple datacenters across Austria.

With its extensive track record, attracting more than $200 million in stake from over 31,000 stakers across 44 chains, DAIC is uniquely positioned to help the Allora Network establish a strong foundation and enable it to thrive by deploying as a node operator in the beginning days of the network.

"We are committed to bringing our expertise and experience in managing high-quality infrastructure to Allora, ensuring the highest level of support and efficiency for their network,” says Simon Günther, Managing Director of DAIC.

Evolution of the Allora Network and DAIC

AI is the most deflationary, expressive form of compute to ever exist and can intelligently process large amounts of information. For the past 3 years, Allora Labs (formerly known as Upshot) has been building AI-powered crypto infrastructure to power new applications and protocols in gaming, lending, market making, and more. Models built by the Allora Labs team have effectively produced price predictions for more than 400 million assets with a 95-99% confidence for the most accurate predictions.

The team’s earlier work in subjective consensus mechanism design, along with learnings gathered from building AI-powered crypto infrastructure, led them to create the Allora Network, a self-improving decentralized AI network that harnesses both the efficiency of AI and the wisdom of the collective to reach one mission: transform intelligence itself into a digital commodity.

As an Allora node operator, DAIC furthers that mission by operating both a validator to secure the Allora chain and a Reputer to rate the performance of the ML models delivered by Allora Workers, performing a critical service that reinforces the self-improvement mechanism of Allora.

"Collaborating with veteran secure systems builders like DAIC is crucial to the success of Allora,” says Nick Emmons, Co-Founder of Allora Labs. “Their team’s dedication to secure blockchain infrastructure directly contributes to the growth and security of the network.”

Why DAIC Chose the Allora Network

As a company at the forefront of web3 infrastructure development, DAIC always seeks to support the growth of cutting-edge protocols that drive net-new use cases. In pursuit of this goal, the company sought a versatile solution that would allow it to focus on creating innovative infrastructure tools.

After a comprehensive review of available networks, DAIC chose to integrate with Allora due to the network's unique benefits:

  • Collective Intelligence—Models in Allora’s network continuously learn from each other, enhancing its collective intelligence and enabling it to self-improve over time.
  • Context-Awareness––network participants forecast each other’s performance under the current conditions, thereby creating a form of context-awareness that enables the network to achieve the best inferences under any circumstances.
  • Tamper-Proof Outputs—Allora utilizes zkML and cryptographic verification to create outputs that are verifiably secure and unalterable, ensuring trust in AI's decisions.
  • Universal Access—Allora offers permissionless, composable access to AI, enabling builders everywhere to innovate and create with AI as a foundational element.
  • Balanced Outcomes—Allora leverages diverse data inputs to reduce bias, leading to more balanced and fair AI-driven outcomes.

About DAIC

DAIC is an Austrian-based Web3 infrastructure provider that sets a new standard for community-driven staking solutions, ensuring a more transparent, secure, and inclusive Web3 future. With an extensive track record of attracting more than $200 million in stake from over 31,000 stakers across 44 chains, DAIC has demonstrated its ability to support the growth of cutting-edge protocols and drive net-new use cases.

To learn more about DAIC, visit the website and follow on Twitter.

About the Allora Network

Allora is a self-improving decentralized AI network.

Allora enables applications to leverage smarter, more secure AI through a self-improving network of ML models. By combining innovations in crowdsourced intelligence, reinforcement learning, and regret minimization, Allora unlocks a vast new design space of applications at the intersection of crypto and AI.

To learn more about the Allora Network, visit the Allora website, Twitter, Medium, Discord, and Developer docs.